Virgin not applying agreed upgrades!!!

    Right, I have recieved a code from SKY to offer half price SKY for 12 months if i return to them, a few days before recieving this i got a letter from Virgin stating the price increases so i thought i will cancel on those grounds.

    I then called Virgin on 28th Feb (give or take a day) cancelled as they said they had no chance of matching and my cancellation date was 30th March.

    They called me back the next day trying to tempt me to stay, i refused.

    They then called me back on the day after that trying to get me to stay, saying they are in a different department and they have the power to offer better rates etc

    After a bit of back & forth we agreed on a price of £59 for XL tv + sports & movies, L phone, 20 meg BB (now i have been very impressed with the broadband since i left SKY so i was somewhat happy to be paying £6 less & getting sports & movies on top) I also haggled the new media hub out of them aswel.

    Now, today i recieved my hub & was informed that the new channels would be on there after. Sky sports has been added, but the movies have not, i waited an hour to see if there was a delay and called them. They say they have no records stating they would offer both movies and sports, just 1.

    I am effing fuming and i am now going to go with SKY's original offer, however will virgin be able to say i cant cancel because i agreed to a new 12 months?


    ask for a copy of the phone call - all calls are recorded. They either provide it or say they have "lost" it - either way you win.

    do you not get 7 days cooling off period when the contract starts, im sure ive seen these tactics elsewhere.

    find out who you spoke to, if the call was recorded? and if not whos to say you even agreed to a contract for what they said you did. i hate contracts!!

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    I said i want to speak to a supervisor so they can listen to the call, she said it isnt recorded as they use the notes, i said i want to speak to the supervisor anyway she refused.

    The footy is on tonight so i am gonna call them tomorrow incase the take the sports away right away


    Virgin Media are always lying through their teeth. Its your own fault for believing them.

    Make sure when you speak you always obtain the persons name. Just tell them to stick their cables where the sun don't shine and make this story have a happy ending. X)

    I upgraded my package the other week, they sent a confirmation letter which stated I have 7 days from getting the letter to change my mind on the new contract.

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    the thing is i would have still been paying an extra £15 than the offer from sky, but the BB is so much better and there would have probably been a few days downtime, staying in for an engineer etc, so i thought i would stick with it
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    Sky do the same thing so i think its all companies do this over the phone. It took me 4 months to get a correct bill from sky so good luck with virgin

    you should get 7 days cooling off for a new 12month + contract.

    if calls aren't recorded, you could say you never advised of upgrade and haven't received anything in writing.

    that way, you have them both ways - no recorded call, then you deny taking the call, but if they do have a recording, then you win as the customer service agent will have said sports and movies.

    Yes you can cancel within 7 days of new contract if not happy.
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