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Posted 1st Mar

I have a virgin media subscription which I'd like to be able to watch on my main TV, a spare TV and also my bedroom TV. The idea being if the playstation is in use on the main TV, the spare downstairs TV can be used, but when we go to bed we can also watch upstairs.

I'm happy with the same picture on all TVs.

It wouldn't be easy to hardwire it so I'm after a wireless solution. Have spoken to a friend about casting maybe using a Raspberry Pi/Nvidia Shield or something but I've never used one.

Anyone have any suggestions? I don't fancy paying virgin £30 a month for the privilege of occasionally watching TV on another screen.
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Its £7.50 per month for an extra box not £30
jb6601/03/2020 14:17

Its £7.50 per month for an extra box not £30

To be fair, I'd not checked, however I'd need 2 extra boxes, plus then they'd stick awful wiring all over the outside of my house.

Just after a wireless solution of some sort.
I’m sure you can get something what slings picture from one tv to another..…tv/

not or what I’m thinking but along those lines..
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HDMI senders might be what your looking for..
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