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Found 31st Dec 2009
Are there any free Virgin pay as you go sims with credit. I really don't fancy using my credit card just to pay 30p postage, from the virgin website, just for a sim card and I have seen some Virgin sim cards with credit floating about and wondered where they got them from.


Pm your address and I'll post you one with a fiver on it

whats wrong with using yr card for 30p for the postage

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thankyou for the offer J.Dance. that very kinf of you. I appreciate the offer.
Regarding using the card for a 30p purchase. It just seems a bit odd to ask for credit card details for a payment of such a small anount.. I am sure it costs Virgin to proccess a credit card payment and for a huge company to be bothered for 30 p postage sounds a bit ridiculous. After all they will profit from their phone charges. It just seems odd.

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Happy new year and may 2010 be a prosperous one.
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