Virgin PAYG free texts voucher

    Back in June I got a free voucher from a member on here called was as below.......
    "POSTED BY: cuzzy 4 months, 2 weeks ago
    I have a 1000 free text voucher up for grabs, the voucher must be registered by 30/06/08, once registered Virgin will give you 250 free texts per month for 4 months.
    Voucher can only be used on PAYG.."

    I got it for my Mum, anyhow it has run out and I wondered if anyone knows how I could get another one? My Mum tries to send short texts but she hasn't quite got the hang of modern text language and ends up sending 2 texts a go which uses up her PAYG credit really quickly!!

    Many thanks in advance & of course rep if anyone can help :-)


    That was a promo they did at that time.

    I've just signed up for their £10 a month 200 txts + 200 minutes sim which is a good deal.
    Is even better coz they thought i was on Virgin broadband and gave me the 300 + 300 deal for the same price.

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    thanks cassie, was just hoping it was a thing they did on a regular basis

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    bumpity bump........
    in case anyone that didn't see it earlier can help :-)
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