virgin sim card work properly on iphone?

    Another mobile question really. Does anyone know if a virgin/t-mobile sim card will work in an iphone and if all the internet etc will work. Have an existing iphone and want to get a sim only from virgin but not sure if all the functions will work..


    You'll need the iPhone unlocking, obviously. But yes it'll work with a Virgin sim.

    You'll will need to find all the settings for internet/mms ect as they live on the phone on the sim and as it is it will try to connect through whichever network it was on to start with.

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    thanks steve, and all the internet and other functions will work exactly as if it were on o2 or orange?

    Should do, I don't think visual voice mail will work as it's only supported by the networks that run the iPhone, but everything else should be fine.

    Just remember you need a fairly big data bundle on the Virgin acc, but as you've already got the phone I guess you know that !

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    lol i dont really, the phone was my gfs but she only used it for calling and texting.. now shes had enough of it so its mine.... will a 1gig internet bundle be ok? thinking about giving her the phone from virgin and putting the new sim into her iphone

    it all works fine mate. i have mine on virgin at the moment :thumbsup:

    i also have 1gb internet usage, which i use quite a bit and never go over.

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    perfect thanks for the heads up foxxes

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