virgin sims wanted with £5.00 credit

    i want virgin sim cards with £5 credit on them
    all i need is sim in its holder so no packaging
    how many will you give me for £20
    im verified with paypal and i have 99.5% feedback on ebay
    i will pay via paypal


    I have some of these but will need to check how many.

    Ill get back 2 u

    How much u have in mind for £20?

    i do too how many do u want for £20

    i have 3 but dont have paypal

    I also got some, 3 to be exact give me a shout :thumbsup:


    Terrorist on the move!

    hahah only kidding ... sorry ... I have 1

    Sure i have around 6 mate,

    Your probably better stating how much you would pay for them including delivery.

    Like FunnyMoney used to do with the o2 ones.

    65p a time he was buying for without delivery.

    Might be an idea to do something like that.


    Do they include e-top up card?? cannot manage to get hold of one anywhere....

    i have many.

    give me a shout

    How much do people want for 1.... cheap as possible - as they seem to be going cheap on ebay!

    I sold a virgin sim for £30 once!!!


    I sold a virgin for £30 once!!!

    Blumming heck mate, are you allowed to write things like that on here?

    :giggle: :giggle:


    i have found a site selling them for 15p it seems.

    it seems they will accept orders from public, but i cant confirm if these sims have the £5 credit.
    im toiling with placing an order to find out


    i have found a site selling them for 15p it seems.

    probably selling them after using the credit.:giggle:

    well, after studying the small image on the site, it would appear they are sim only packs with no credit.


    decide for yourself
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