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Found 3rd Jan 2018
Hi guys, I’m looking for some advice please. We cancelled our virgin Tv but kept the broadband to save some money and for the amount we really used it we weren’t too fussed about cancelling and returning the box.

I’ve had an email from virgin now saying they don’t want the box back I can just recycle it. I was pretty surprised tbh, it seems wasteful and a probably intentional in case we changed our minds.

My question is, without a subscription is there any use for this box? Seems so wasteful, I don’t think freeview works though? I know (hope) it would eventually get recycled but I still feel disappointed in virgin that something we had installed 2-3 years ago is ready for the heap.
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sad but probably very small fry in comparison to the amount of laptops/tablets/phones going in bins each year...
I took hard drive out and binned the case. Still have drive. They swapped tivo for no reason and left the old unit. I am thinking of cancelling contract to soon.
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Just make sure you keep that email you received from the right hand. The left hand has been known to come with a different message and try to charge people for non return of equipment.

I think the box will just revert to Freeview status without the ability to record.
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I'm pretty sure the box won't show any channels without a Virgin subscription - so is no use. You could sell it for a few quid on ebay as someone will strip the hard drive from it (will be at least 500GB, perhaps 1TB) - you will get a little more for the hard drive if you take it out yourself - if you do so be careful with the sharp edges of the box as you need to tear it apart as they are not built for maintenance!
As said, take the hard drive out, if you think it may be useful for you. It could be used as an extra storage drive for ps4, xbox,wii/u.. etc
When we cancelled the TV service they sent out a prepaid envelope asking for us to send it back and if we didn’t we would be charged over £100!
I had an e-mail from Virgin telling me to recycle my old Tivo box. So I stuck it on eBay.

I then got a snotty e-mail from them saying I couldn't sell it as it was their property.

I replied back saying they had told me to recycle it so I would sell it for £0 on eBay instead.

They then sent me an e-mail asking for it back, I replied saying that I had binned it and never heard anything again.
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