Virgin Tivo box deleting programs.

Found 11th Oct 2014
My tivo box has deleted loads of my programs and it was only on 70%.
The first time it happened I rebooted the box as it suggested but tonight it's done it again.
Does anyone know why or do I need ring virgin in the morning.

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doesn't it by default keep the programs for a certain time only?
have you looked into your settings? think i changed mine by default when i first set it up

or do I need ring virgin in the morning.

Its morning in India now.
Make sure you have checked your recording settings as it only keeps the programs for about 10-14 days and deletes them unless you set the program to delete when you decide. Look at your recording options and that will shed some light and look at the deleted folder and recall the programs back.
I have looked in folder and that only has 4 shows which I did delete. All the others have disappeared.
Empty your suggestions folder. Tivo records things it thinks you might like but doesn't add to the % of hard drive. This might account for the missing 30%.

suggestions folder was empty as well. All just disappeared into thin air and left me with half the episodes of all my series links so can't watch any now as missing about 3 episodes of each one.
Has it deleted them in time order, or randomly? If the former, what dates has it took?
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