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    Hi there...

    In my house atm, I currently have 1 V+ box, and 2 normal Virgin boxes.

    We are currently looking into replacing one of those "normal" ones to another V+ one, so I phoned them up earlier, to be told that it would cost £150.

    Now, I thought that was too high immediately and got off the phone, I then checked their website to see that it should cost us £99 as a one off fee (yes I know im not buying the box before someone says), the terms then say I can keep the other box for just £5 a month, aswell as my £99 V+ box (which could work as id have it fitted in another bedroom.

    The new customers can get the V+ box however for £49, so would it be possible do you think, for me to get it at this price, by either

    1. Threatening to cancel the Virgin (too risky for me with the 3 boxes, phone and broadband)

    2. Commenting that Sky are only charging £49 for a HD+ box

    What do you guys think?


    I would try both m8. Ring them and tell them that Sky are charging me this much and said they would give me it free if i trnasfer and see what they do. Just bend the truth a little bit as your monthly bill is a bit they cant afford to loose you

    yeah, threaten to cancel.

    not really risky as you have to give them thirty days notice, so even if you follow it through you just phone them on day 29 and say you want to stay.

    the money you're paying them each month, £150 is taking the pee a bit.

    99% sure that they'll bend, or maybe you should ask them whether it'll be any cheaper to upgrade online - you might get someone more helpful this time.

    My parents have this problem, they only have the one normal v box...never been offered an upgrade in about 7 years! when she phoned them up, the lady advised her that whatever my mum is paying per month (im not sure what it is but they have practically all channels, 2nd highest internet and phoneline) for an extra bit a month they can 'upgrade' and get the V+ box as a 'free gift' type thing. Im sorry, i cant remember how much more it was going to be per month, but my point is, it might be worth asking...they may offer to throw in a couple of boxes in instead of one?

    with the threat of cancelling...i would say you have a pretty strong case, i doubt they would want to let someone paying for 3 boxes go that easily

    think thats the standard price and also pretty sure that threats to cancel don't wash with virgin anymore!

    I tried it the other day it worked for me... got a free wireless router and 20 quid credit...


    think thats the standard price and also pretty sure that threats to … think thats the standard price and also pretty sure that threats to cancel don't wash with virgin anymore!

    Worked with me, I'd rung several times asking them to do me a deal on changing to V+, but each time I phoned I was told it would be £150 because I already have the XL TV package and the offer was only available for those upgrading.

    I told them about 3wks ago I wanted to cancel my TV with them and instantly was offered the V+ box for £49 and a discount on my monthly bill too. I've been with Virgin for over 8 yrs and that is the first deal I've had off them.

    Original Poster

    Just phoned again asking whats the best deal they could do for me on another V+ box and they said "£150 is all we can do" so I was like "Oh well Ive been looking at the prices of Sky which is £100 less in comparison, so we may have to cancel" and she just went "Oh right, you can cancel if you wish... is there anything else we can help you with..."

    I would try again and see if you get someone else.

    My husband asked about the £49 for new customers, so why not for existing. Told him they would honour the £49 deal, as long as he upgraded to XL TV, costing an additional £5 every month.

    He didn't go with it in the end, but it is possible. I think it depends on who you speak to.

    Original Poster

    I'll try again tomorrow... Im already on the XL TV and everything already.. the amount we pay out to them, youd have thought theyd allow us a box either as a "gift" or cheap
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