Virgin VS Ntl Customer Services

Found 13th Oct 2007
When Virgin bought Ntl everyone thought including myself that Virgin would bring a great improvement to Customer Services.

I have heard what great customer service virgin mobile operated for that market and imagined they were actually slightly more competent.

However from week one I can honestly say they are alot worse than Ntl ever were for me without a doubt!

Question is are Virgin offering you a better service than you received previously before the takeovers?
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NO!!! THEYA RE USELESS sorry for cpas, they annnoy me so much!
in a word no

ever since virgin took over i have had appaling service from

customer service
and tv

i had a deal with ntl before virgin tookover that i had all channels my broadband tv and phone for £30 a month when they took over they put my bill back to before i had a discount, and told me that couldn't give me that offer forever like i was promised by ntl, but they gave me a different discount which has caused no end of disputes for the whole of this year.

when trying to get a v+ box and put the old box in the bedroom i called 6 different people and was quoted a different price for the v+ box and monthly charge for a box in the bedroom each time so i gave up there is no end of confusion and bedlam

they never write anything down on your account like they say they do and never tell each other anything when my discount runs out at the end of december im hotfooting it over to sky....

my broadband used to run through the set top box and they told me that having a seperate modem would make the broadband faster when in fact it has made it much slower!!!

i did used to think ntl were terrible now i wish they would come back
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