Virgin vs Three who has got better signal coverage ?

    I am on three and I want to go to virgin but I do not know if virgin are better


    Depends where you live trying googling some sort of speed text thing when you put your postcode in

    Some links here…age

    Networks can have flat spots though and different phones get different signals.

    who do virgin piggy back on?


    who do virgin piggy back on?

    It was T-Mobile so it will be EE now.
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    Earlier this year I left Three to go to Virgin Mobile on their unlimited everything type package for £12p/m. After less than 2 months I went back to Three!

    When I went to Virgin, yes I was getting slightly better coverage, especially out in the sticks, but I found that their "unlimited" data bundle was in fact anything but unlimited! It turns out that unlimited, actually means limited to 3.5GB of data, then your are throttled so hard that you can barely even look at a web page. And don't even think about using the likes of Spotify/Google Play music. You go no chance mate!!!

    So, after calling Virgin up to tell them what I though about their so called "unlimited" data package, and despite the CS operative desperately trying to convince me that in fact "Sir, we are unlimited"...I left.

    I went back to Three, I'm on PAYG now with the AYCE add-on for £15 p/month, and couldn't be happier.

    So I would say, buyer beware. Sometimes, the grass isn't always greener.
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