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Virgin Wayleave (allowing access to my property) - Does anyone have any advice on this please?

Posted 21st Feb 2017
Virgin media have just installed fibre in the close I live in. There are 3 properties where they need to lay the cable through my front garden to provide them with service.

They have left me a Wayleave form to sign giving my agreement for the work to go ahead, however, I am slightly worried about the small print in the terms & conditions.

The form gives them the right to access my property at any time to install, operate, inspect, maintain etc. Also, if I want to do any work in the vacinity of the install then I have to give them 6 months notice!

I am just wondering how this impacts my property if I choose to sell in the future, and (as I am not a Virgin customer) whether or not they would provide any token payment to install on my land given the strict t&c that they want me to adhere to?
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