Virgin Wine Bank Voucher. Value ??

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Found 3rd Mar 2008
I got sent a voucher for £40 for use on the website and I'd like to know if it has any real value.

To claim the voucher you have to visit the site and enter the voucher code and password which I'm reluctant to do twofold:
1. We don't drink so I want to pass the voucher on.
2. Voucher has an expiry time period and don't want to activate that.

I'm guessing it's just a marketing ploy with no true benfits but would like to get some advice first so it may be abke ti benefit others.

Cheers in advance for any help offered


there are quite a few on here for the same thing - take a look at the old threads, see how people get on. Isn't this the one where you have to sign up to get wines every month or something?

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Thanks Emma and yes they are the ones !
Don't know why i didn't think to search on here. lol, just went straight to the site.

Ah well , no real use to me and reading through the threads not the best of deals.

Binned !

Yeah, I didn't think they were the best voucher deals....

I got a case of Virgin Wines a few Christmasses ago, I really didn't think they were up to much.

Invariably with Virgin Wine offers you can get the same deal without the vouchers.

There were even some vouchers offering greater discount - but had a different webpage where the prices were adjusted so you paid the same.

Also - forget the 'if you are dissatisfied for any reason we will refund your money' claim - as I ordered a box from them for a friends birthday (I was in Spain at the time and they were in the UK). The wine arrived - but the note with birthday wishes and saying who it was from did not.

So they got an entirely anonymous box of wine - and had to call to see if it was for them and who it was from - but never got the birthday message.

When I got back to the UK, I emailed Virgin saying I was dissatisfied with their service - and they claimed to offer a refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason. "Yes - but not for that reason".

What do you expect from a company in a group that conspires with another company to rip people off - then grasses up their co-conspirator to get a lesser fine?

"Virgin" - they are just called that so it does not sound like a lot of people are being screwed! :whistling:
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