Virgin/Volt/O2 discounts

Posted 7th Jun 2022
My Virgin broadband contract ends in about six weeks. Is it worth taking out an O2 mobile SIM only before it runs out to benefit from Volt?
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    From the FAQ on the O2 website -…aqs

    Leaving Virgin Media and O2
    What happens to my Volt benefits if I leave O2 or Virgin Media?If you choose to leave O2 by requesting a PAC or STAC then you'll lose access to your mobile data boost however, you'll keep your higher broadband speeds with Virgin Media. Likewise, if you choose to leave Virgin Media you'll keep your increased mobile data allowance on O2.
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    BulldogNo1 Author
    Thanks but I'm not thinking of leaving Virgin or O2(not with O2 atm). I have a Virgin mobile SIM linked to my broadband account but thought I may get a better all round deal by taking out O2 SIM to gain Volt benefits when linked to Virgin broadband.
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    Anonymous User
    No hold on, 30 days before the end of the contract call cancel and do the retention dance. Make sure you set your marketing preferences so they can call you. Normally within a week you will get a call from retentions and agree a deal. We pay £22 for 350 with volt. You can do it now but it will make it easier to get a deal. They might even offer you a sim.
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