Found 29th Oct 2009
im looking to take out a broadband, tv and phone package with virgin media. If i select the base level broadband and tv do virgin supply the modem/router (whatever it is) and what like is the standard vrgin box. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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No you need to be on the large package or it will cost you sonthing like £29.99. Its worth telling then that you are choosing between Sky & Virgin and ask them what they can off for free. You might get an upgrade.

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thats great mate thanks for your help

Yep, tell them you're thinking of getting this through either them or Virgin, so see if they'll throw in a free router.

If they refuse to offer you anything, go through Quidco/Topcashback and you'll get a nice chunk of change that'll more than pay for the router anyway.

Either that or sign up on the large package and reduce your broadband later on. :thumbsup:

and if they offer you the large package ask for a HD box. they give them to all new customers but you must have a large tv package

hi we have broadband, med tv package and phone. when i wanted to go wireless just phoned up and they sent the router for free, certainly worth pushing for router. good luck:thumbsup:
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