virtual credit card help required

    hello i am having trouble paying a service. this website only accepts a credit card which i do not have and do NOT want to specially get one just for paying this website.
    i was wandering does something exist like a virtual credit card where you can top it up and use it like payasyougo. paypal have a service called paypal plugin which does this but only for US customers. any idea's. the website i want to pay is itchycats dot com


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    HSBC do a card like this, I think. You don't get a credit limit - it's a credit card that works like a debit card - i.e. you can only spend the money you have in the account / topped up by.

    I think there are a few cards that you can load and spend.. I think I've seen somewhere that some folks use this method for holidays.. I'll have a gander...:)

    Interesting topic and one I was thinking of raising earlier, there's a few small sites in the US which sell specialist photographic equipment but I'm not very keen on handing over my credit card details and they don't take Paypal or similar. Paypal did apparently trial a virtual credit card which sounded good but doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


    I think the sun newspaper does one too

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