Virtual online mobile number?

    I am based overseas for work, and am having trouble accessing my Apple ID. It keeps getting locked and in order to unlock it, they want to send a verification code to a UK mobile number - something I don't have at the moment.

    Anyone use a site that gives you an online mobile number that they could recommend? Preferably one that deals with SMS' too.


    there was an android app called burner but I can't find it. searching for it listed an app called hushed which seems a possibility, though I'm not sure of your platform and if it's on iOS if you need that.

    also an app called text me which gives a free 07 number. bound to be similar on iOS if you need that.

    You can get a UK skype number for cheap. Not sure if it supports receiving SMS. With a Skype number, your calls will come to your logged in Skype application on any platform. I've setup Skype to forward calls to the mobile number I'm using in any country. So basically, any one can call your virtual UK number and you'll receive those calls on your mobile in another country.

    Use textme app for free virtual mobile number, allows receiving text messages.

    Go to Asda and buy a 50p sim. Comes with just enough credit and 50meg of data

    There is an app called Vyke that could help you out.

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    Thanks all. Skype doesn't work well for SMS, and an app won't work at the moment - I'm locked out my Apple ID so it won't let me download anything.

    And there's no Asda where I'm based...

    You got no mates over here who are willing to receive the verification text on your behalf?

    freedom pop for sms you shouldn't need the sim just the app. you can load it on a friends handset and use. that said ur going to find it hard as surely the code goes to an already store number?

    Do they accept voip numbers that begin with 05?

    Obviously access to wifi/data required to receive texts, but voipfone give free numbers out.

    I have been using for years ....paid or free fact it is a virtual office never mind just a phone number it does it all including number, sms, it is priceless. It is designed for people who travel the world. You can redirect you yac number to 3 different phones and it will hunt until it finds you...hotel, mobile, home it will also take missed calls and much more.

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    Go to Asda and buy a 50p sim. Comes with just enough credit and 50meg of … Go to Asda and buy a 50p sim. Comes with just enough credit and 50meg of data

    What part of based overseas didn't you understand....yeah just hop on a plane to Asda and back...

    Download the freedompop app and sign up from there instead of the website, you will get a 3 wholesale/virtual network UK mobile number.

    The app connects via data/wifi.
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