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Posted 29th Dec 2022 (Posted 21 h, 52 m ago)
Fancy dipping my toes into the world of VR and have no idea where to start!

Had a play with a friends headset a few years ago where you inserted your smartphone into the glasses but that's it.

Money IS an issue but don't really mind paying more if the rewards are greater.

Ideally want a standalone headset as my PC is only really for surfing/spreadsheets etc & photo editing.
Thanks in advance!
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    If money is an issue go for a meta / oculus quest 1 or 2, it's both standalone and gives you the option of playing VR games from your PC.
    I'd skip the the first PSVR, despite the massively low prices, the experience isn't fantastic because of the aged tech it utilises. Not to mention that you need to purchase a PS4 camera and move controllers for games that require them on top.

    With the quest you get everything in the box and you are ready to go.
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    We have an Oculus Quest 2 (128GB) & I was astounded when I first used it.

    Wait for a sale & they will drop back to £299 or at least £349

    We have about 8 games including Resident Evil 4 & Medal of Honor. Haven't played RE4 or MoH but if the over games are anything to go by I won't be disappointed. ,

    Maybe go to currys & test one out.
    TY for that - Helps!! Tad difficult trying one as suffering from Agoraphobia. (edited)
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    Quest 1 or 2 if on a budget.
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    Money is an issue but you don't state a budget?
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    Do you happen to have a PS4/PS5? The first generation PlayStation VR Is a great way of getting into cheap VR Gaming to start with, and can be picked up very cheaply on the secondhand market from Cash Converters, CeX etc. And the upcoming PS VR2 is going to be even better but that is EXPENSIVE.

    In terms of having a good experience, you're going to have to spend a fair bit of money otherwise. I think the cheapest, well respected standalone device would be the Meta Quest. But that does require you to have a well established Facebook account to use it (New accounts these days just seem to get banned after a week or so for some reason)
    No need for FB now.
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    Quest 2 if you want standalone, PSVR2 with PS5 if you want the best possible experience. Wouldn't bother with the Pico 4 as it's only a small improvement over the Quest but the software is miles behind.
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    The PSVR experience would probably be the cheapest entry now, granted it is a little old now, but still probably the cheapest point of entry. Google Cardboard is no longer supported arvr.google.com/car…rd/, however you can still find games and the cardboard for the cheapest entry option.
    I suppose the "pinnacle" of VR is considered to be the Oculus Quest 2
    It really isn't the pinnacle, just the cheapest way to get into VR without having to pay for hardware to drive the headset.
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