virtual roulette in bookies

Found 8th Mar 2008
god i hate these things

any1 got any tips or advice to win more lol

aparently there is a way
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I wouldn't touch these things with a barge pole, the're the crack cocaine of the betting world.
ur right u always chase ur losses dangerous
I used to work in a bookies and believe me there is NO way you can win over time on these;

At the end of each night we had to empty the machine and it was not unkown for there to be £700+ easy.

Have seen people queing up to play them:oops:

Betting shops these days are dying on their ars*s, if it wasnt for these FOBT machines they would be closing down left right & centre.
In fact all the big firms are pressuring legislation to have MORE roulette machines in their shops!!!
Many a day I watched as workies,student types, woman would put note after note in these machines. Ok they pay out now and again but big wins are few and far between.
take my advice and steer well clear, or its straight to the poorhouse!!!:thumbsup:
They are designed to make money for the owners pure and simple. There is no way. Having said that there may be ways of maximising your chances like with fruit machines, ie sequences, being able to tell when the tubes are full, playing towards the end of a saturday night in a busy pub when the inebriated have filled it and not known the score, never on a bandit use the hold function after nudges! There are tactics but you really have to know what you are doing, most bandits are set to pay roughly a 40% payout of takings so knowing when its due to pay out is what you need. My advice unless you are 110% certain you know what you are doing leave well alone with any gambling "Computer"
Put the money you want to gamble into a bank acount and play free roulette at the end of the year you are a guarenteed winner
i am a massive user of fruit machines and know all the bits and bobs there are

so why are there ppl on ebay selling guides for v roulette
the machines just payout a percentage so u just got to be lucky. try and go on one after someones had a good session on one but not won much as it will improve ur chances. but my advice would be not to touch em.
i used to use a cheat for the pink panther fruit machine, i think it reset the bank so if someone won big, you did a sequence of buttons and it told it that it hadnt paid out. I know this sounds stupid but when i did the sequence the middle hold button start flashing on its own (This is when you know its activated)
yea it was
123232313 i knew that

yea it was123232313 i knew that

mine was 1313131323232323 and then the light came on
new to me
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