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Posted 2nd Dec
Hi all,

I'm currently seeking a virtual telephone number for my new enterprise.

Looking for recommendations and any key points I should be aware of.

I essentially want to appear local/professional, with all calls forwarded to a dedicated mobile.

Thank you kindly in advance
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Remember that you rent the number from them. They retain ownership and control over cost associated with it. Any changes you make or that they make to rates will have to be swallowed by you.
choose carefuuly
Fixed-fee virt landline with 03xx or geo location number of your choice, inclusive calls, dedicated call receiving / making app, voicemail to audio email, voicemail to text email: no-contract Vonage UK home / small business from £9+/m. If mainly incoming calls only and are comfortable with 3rd party apps, voicemail to email: zero-cost Sipgate, assuming you pretend to be domestic user / home-based. The happy medium between both may be Voipfone. All these suggestions offer number porting out option if the service doesn't suit your needs and you wish to retain the number. Vonage UK is likely the most accessible and has a support team contactable by phone.
Vonage UK often pays chunky cashback, although only £30 at time of this post…ge/
Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated.
Sipgate provide a free local to your area voip number and if you download the calling app onto your mobile phone all calls will automatically be routed to it.
I also have the same number installed on my 4G home router so people can call me at home without using expensive mobile numbers.
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