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Found 2nd Dec 2007
Hi All...Have got a puter virus and I think it's a nasty one...have tried system restore but it won't let me. AVG picks it up but then every now & then avg brings more alerts up, sky bot isn't picking it up or lavasoft adaware...anyone know where I can cure the nasty...downloader zlob, rewin.cb, generic9.aalk
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Sorry desparate please help
Norton Anti-Virus 2008 is the only thing I have found that gets rid of this. There is a 15 day trial available if you search.
Been looking at porn have you? Just googled for it, it's a media codec....tut tut tut.....

Try Spybot or

and do not, ever unless you know what you're doing install media codecs from unknown sources
Ok, now assuming that Trend hasn't got rid of the infection and has confirmed it is actually there next wee need to remove it.

You ran Spybot and adware but did you update them first? If your running Vista you should also have Windows Defender on your system, otherwise you can download it from here:…spx

Whilst thats downloading you should also download HiJack! This…php

We may need that later if the other programs don't work. Run those and let us know how you've got on...
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yep Aggy updated running xp.....will let you know how I get on with your advice tks
When I get a virus I always go her these guys are absolutely fab at sorting and cleaning you up Good Luck
Have you tried restarting in safe mode? Sometimes nasty things can't be removed when the systems running normally... Restart your it's loading up hold the F8 key and then select "run/start in safe mode" then run your anti virus or do a manual search for the files & delete them
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have run in safe mode cheers sadie....not sure if i did the avg in safe mode will try again..btw rep for your avatar crimbo help
I take it none of the programs got rid off the virus. Try AVG in safe mode, if still no joy post the HiJack! This log here for me to have a look at.

have run in safe mode cheers sadie....not sure if i did the avg in safe … have run in safe mode cheers sadie....not sure if i did the avg in safe mode will try again..btw rep for your avatar crimbo help

No probs honey Thank you xx
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Trying stopzilla...then avg in safe mode if it doesnt work...tks for the offer of hijack Aggy...sweet of you...will forward if I get stuck tks
No probs, this is a bit of a tricky virus and may leave some problems in your registry, forgot to say make sure your system restore is off. Once we've finished you'll need to clear out the old ones anyway, just in case the virus is sitting in any of them.
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how do I do that Aggy ...switching system restore off? soz am a technophobe
start click on all programs go to pc help and tools scroll down to system restore
click on system restore settings left hand side put a tick in the box to turn restore settings off
sorry dinner was calling...

how's things now?
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Hi Aggy, have done the Hi jack thing...can I send you the log file to look at via pm? sorry for delay
Yeah, no problems, if it doesn't fit on a pm you can e-mail it over.
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