virus on Apple iPhone and iPad

Hey guys, hope someone can help.
I have an iPhone 5s and an iPad 2. I have had them both for a few years and there have been no problems.
A couple of days ago, I went on the Boots app on my phone and I was diverted to a site which said I had won a iPhone 7. I ignored this and didn't think anything of it. However since then every link I click on, every site I try to go on - gets diverted. The site is called maxonclick. I think it is connected to my Apple ID as I don't use my iPad but the virus somehow got on there too

I have reset my iPad, but it still get diverted . Does anyone know how I can get rid of this?


I would suggest calling Apple support and seeing what they recommend.

Try this…11/

Or search maxonclickvirus removal iPhone

Very easy to sort

Have you tried using the internet while not connected to WiFi, it sounds unlikely that your icloud has been hacked just to put a downloaded a virus on both devices, surely if they had hacked your icloud they would do worse, it's possible that your router could be infected, try resetting or looking if the firmware could be updated

It is an issue with his browser, posted above how to get rid of it.

Try going to settings and erase data cache etc on your browser? install google browser and see if that works fine?

As was posted above, the answer is on google. This one looks good and has pics showing the steps.…11/

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Thank you everyone
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