Virus on my laptop? Help! Please.

    Hi All,

    My laptop seems to have a virus on it, any help would be appreciated.
    I am not able to do anything on it, a site called antivirus soft keeps coming on the screen telling me I have a serious threat and that I should buy the antivirus software from them!
    It won't let me do a system restore, add/ remove programmes or to go onto the net.
    Really fed up now as all My computers seem to be going down!
    It keeps saying the following: security warning: application cannot be executed. the file hpzipm.exe is infected. Do you want to acctivate your antivirus software now? When you click yes this Antivirus soft software starts up.



    First thing to try is system restore,,This might not work so then you need to download and run Malwarebytes,

    Download MalwareBytes (link:…re/), boot your computer into safe mode, install MB and perform a full scan in safe mode. It should clear it up for you.

    you should really just go to bitdefender, download it, then disconnect from the internet and install it. realy is the best anti virus out there, im running it now and im safe and sound.



    Download MalwareBytes (link: … Download MalwareBytes (link:, boot your computer into safe mode, install MB and perform a full scan in safe mode. It should clear it up for you.

    this will do it, you will find system restore is disabled so you cant do much else

    had to deal with this on my bro's machine

    it went right through his av (avast) and then disabled it, along with system restore and add/remove

    and stopped most removal apps from running at all

    i would also do this:

    download malwarebytes to a usb drive on another machine, then rename the file to something else, to help fool the nasty thing on there

    malware bytes fixed it !

    reinstall windows worked for me


    reinstall windows worked for me

    My daughters machine was so badly infected by this (and other malware) that in the end I had to do a Windows reinstall.

    It infected the networking, the Windows security centre, our security products, the hosts file and so on.

    Every time I removed it it just reinstalled itself.

    >My laptop seems to have a virus on it

    This is NOT a virus, it is malware / spyware

    Many "free" anti virus products done check for malware / spyware (I think Avast does)

    agree with guilbert53- not a virus

    Original Poster

    Just to update you kind folk that I have finally managed to get rid of the nasty little glitch! Its taken Me all evening mind! Just hope it does not return now. Anyway thanks again for all the suggestions put My way. Going to shut down now as I have had a gutsfull of computers for one night!
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