Virus on P.C...HELP please!

Our P.C has been hacked into and is now virus ridden. It's not working properly at all.OH has been trying to sort it out and says we now have AVG spyware Windows XP Home Edition and Service Pack 1. But we also need Service Pack 2. We can't download from the P.C so need help. If anyone knows what he is on about can you help please?


format your hard drive and start afresh, run anti virus , should be ok then

you need avg8 anti virus, spybot s&d anti spyware, run them in safe mode. why are you trying to download service packs??

If you have the orginal disks, back your best bet is to format the PC - but back up any important fles before hand.

If not, then download AVG AntiVirus and run a full system scan which will take 1 hr +

that should help, but i've, in the past found a format and re-install is just as easy. once installed, get AVG on to protect it.

i would only reformat if running avg etc in safe mode didnt work. it could be the virus has attached itself to one of those important files you back up

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:? Err, not sure. OH should be back soon so may PM you if that's ok. Or I'll reply again to this post.


I have been cleaning pc for years. Go ]here and follow the instructions. Absolutely no need to format.

Check the stickie ¨´guidlines´¨ before posting. An expert will get to you and clean up.

The only real solution to an infestation, to make sure you get everything (even the best AV's miss some things), is to format the hard drive and re-install everything. Before you do that download all the security software, updates etc. you need so you don't have to hook it up to the internet without it being secured first, otherwise you may get the same problem again. You can get the full Windows service packs (SP3 is the latest) from…ds/, it's the full (300+Mb iirc) ones you want so you don't have to hook the poorly computer up to the internet until it's ready. All the driver files you need should be available from the PC manufacturers website.

bah, I don't have any security on my pc and it runs fine. I thinkk... lol.

First of all see if you can download A-Squared from:
It is good at getting rid of viruses and other malware such as spyware.

Some viruses are a real ****** to get rid of but I find that A-Squared does a better job than most and as it isn't so common the virus writers don't usually try to disable it.

Before running A-squared or any other anti virus/spyware turn off the System Restore feature in XP.
This link will tell you how:…tml
If you don't turn off System Restore before removing a virus it can set itself up to be automatically reinstalled!

When the system is virus free get SP3, not SP2. It has a LOT more fixes.

Finally, how do you connect to the internet? If you are using a USB modem then junk it and get a router instead. A router will act as a firewall and give you quite a bit more protection than a USB modem.

11 years of IT support work and my honest opinion is if it is *that* bad, re-install.
I do this for a living, full-time and part-time on the side, and it's simply not worth the effort it is going to take you to remove this kind of malware.. especially if you aren't that confident on the computer. Yes, it *can* be done without a re-install.. but one little virus gets missed, and s*d's law that'll be the one that starts re-infecting the machine just as soon as you start to use the machine again. There are excellent bits of software out there, which everyone has mentioned already - AVG for free virus support, Spybot and/or Ad-aware for spyware removal, but please, please keep in mind that they can only do *so* much.
Define bad? decide how much time you want to throw at this, then decide if you want to go down the removal or re-install job route.. The latter gives you a clean slate and isn't *that* hard as long as you are able to back up your work and find all the right disks. For future reference, do the Windows updates *always*, install AVG + do the AVG updates always, and be sensible (which is what most users find hard!)

Good luck!

BTW.. service packs are basically 'groups' of updates.. So for example Microsoft realise there is a flaw in their system, they release a 'patch' (also known as a 'hotfix').. 2 hours later they release another patch.. a day goes by and there's another one.. soon enough it becomes time to bundle these together into a 'service pack'.. (I'm exaggerating on the time frame for patches!)
Sooooo.. Service pack 2 is obviously the second release of patches, AND you now have service pack 3, which includes IE7 (internet explorer version 7) If you were to buy a machine today it would come with SP1,2 and 3 all on the disk. I'm assuming your machine is therefore about 5 years old and came with just SP1 on the disk... This is what your husband means about needing service pack 2.. Hope that all makes sense!

I don't have anything else to add about removing the virus, but I do just want to point out the cause.

As TheLionClub says microsoft are continually releasing fixes for windows. Some of these are to fix things that are broken but many are to fix security holes. These are very important, and keeping applications that access the internet (including windows itself) up to date with them is the number one thing you need to do to prevent viruses, it's far more important than anti-virus software and firewalls.

Not keeping up to date is probably what caused this virus infection, you mention you are using service pack 1 but service pack 2 was released just over four years ago (6th august 2004). That means that there are security holes in your PC that have been known for at least four years - plenty of time to write viruses to take advantage of them.

For big updates like service packs (which aren't just collections of previously released updates, those are update rollups) you might want to wait a month or two for the bugs to show up and be fixed but you really want them installed within half a year of their release.

When you've fixed this problem then go to the windows update website and make sure you've got all the critical updates.


For big updates like service packs (which aren't just collections of … For big updates like service packs (which aren't just collections of previously released updates, those are update rollups) you might want to wait a month or two for the bugs to show up and be fixed but you really want them installed within half a year of their release.

Aye.. I didn't make myself clear on that one - the service packs are over and above the previous patches, not a collection of them. EndlessWaves' explanation is better!

And good advice about waiting a bit on those too - We are still scared to install IE7 at work! :whistling:

Hope you get the machine fixed whatever you do.
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