Virus scan....Is this a good deal?

Found 18th Mar 2005
When I bought my new Dell Computer, it came with a free 3 month trial for McAfee Security Center. Now I have to choose whether I want to subscribe. They are asking £24 for an annual virus scan subscription or £48 for virus scan plus firewall. Do I need one or both of these? Should I pay this much for them if I do need them?
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You can get both of these free [not McAfee] online, a firewall + anti virus software.

The most widely used free firewall is ZoneAlarm: CLICK HERE - ZONELABS

The free anti virus software that I prefer is Avast: CLICK HERE - ALWIL

Both of these have worked very well for me over the years.

Probably a good idea to read over their websites to see if they'd suit your needs. They have lots of information about usablity + features.

On saying that, you've probably become accustomed to the programme you've been using, so it might be worth you buying it.

Everyone has their own favourite, but I find the big names like McAfee, appear to hog a lot of system resources, especially on older systems.

Besides, if free does the trick, why pay for a name.

AVG is really good. Been using it now for a while. I also like how it can auto update the virus definitions to keep you fully protected.
Do I have to wait for my McAfee trial to end before I start to use these or can I use them in conjunction with McAfee?
You can use them at any time. Dell is how McAfee promote their security programme by giving it free for sixty days.

It's probably best to uninstall McAfee before installing other security software though.

When you do that, make sure you're not connected to the internet [do it offline].
another great free virus scan is an online one called housecall trendmicro - found here
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