Vision Express calling off period

    Anyone here work for vision express, or know if i can cancel my order?

    I purchased some glasses earlier this afternoon and was told they would be ready for tuesday, i come home to find a message on my home phone stating that they will be 7-10 days.

    Anyone know if i can cancel the order for a refund?



    I don't work for them - but used to work for a different opticians & i reckon you should be able to cancel & get refund because you had a verbal contract with them which they have not kept - also if it is going to take that long they won't have started your job - hope you get it sorted


    Original Poster

    Thanks Steph,

    They are closed tomorrow, so will have to ring on monday morning, fingers crossed i can cancel as it was £400!

    Hi apple33

    Good luck. I bought some and then cancelled next day. They offered me a discount which I am still waiting for 6 weeks later

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