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Found 29th Oct 2008
Has anyone information regarding going to Beijing. Can anyone suggest a cheap airline/hotel. Would be leaving from gatwick or heathrow if possible and possibly in 2 to 6 weeks time for a week max stay. only ever traveled abroad twice (Spain) and has anyone any comments on whether this is just a stupid idea for a relative newbie to do. (will i get myself killed!!!)

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I'm not going to say what I want to on China! Just keep you'r brains in you'r head if you go!

Fantastic Place Loads T See And Do,have Been Many Times Including When Games Were On,it Will Be Cold When You Are Thinking Of Going So Take Big Coat.but An Amazing Place,i Have Only Gone With B/a Little More Expensive But Schedule Day Flights And Reliable,have Fun

]Trip Advisor always helpful

Here is a very good link for an excellent selection of hotels and prices from 0 stars to 5 stars - you will have a great time in Beijing, all the bigger hotels have tourist trips to the best sights. Beijing is one of the safest places I have visited. Wish I was going. Go as soon as you can, temperature is great at the moment but it will soon start to get cold.

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thanks to you all for you advice. Plenty of reading ahead.

I went around this time two years ago - very cold. I suspect it has improved since I was there due to the Olympics, but I really struggled (language and culture at times), especially bad language barriers with taxi drivers who did not speak a word of English or even understand my friend who has been studying Chinese at uni for 3 years. You definately need a guide so you can point to where you need to go and for the mini dictionary in the back. But I do believe as the tourist it is my duty to learn/find a way to comunicate with the locals, which I failed dismally at unfortunately. Where I was was quite out of Beijing, which I think compounded the problem, and having blonde hair and being tall was something very curious for the locals so I did get stared at/followed a lot.
There are some amazing things to do in Beijing, I loved the forbidden city, and also I reccommend you taking a rickshaw for a tour, we had two amazing guys who were so lovely.
I seriously reccommend though that if it is your first trip to China you consider going to Shanghai instead, it is a little more westernised and you will find it easier to be understood and I found the people more willing/able to help.
And, look into BA flights, or if you want to go cheaper look into BMI (I think) as taking a stopover will reduce the price.
One more warning, for a week it is a very long way to go, bear in mind jet-lag and it takes a very long time flying to get there so bear in mind flying days if you only have a week off.

Edit: P.S. In reply to your last comment in op, fear not, you will not get killed! The people are lovely, but remember to keep close hold of your bags, lots of pickpocketers at the touristy areas (as in any major city really).
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