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    After an attempted scamming... I Finally ended up getting a new computer - was a great deal off a guy on ebay. It has Vista installed on it, and I have just noticed that in the 'My Computer' section it says '10 days to activate vista'.

    There is a long OEM product key there too. There is a link to activate now.

    If I press activate what will I be asked to enter - Im not online at the moment with it so there is no net connection.

    I dont think the guy has any CD's for vista - he mentioned he had XP discs that correspond to the OEM sticker on the tower.

    What is likely to happen in 10 days time and how what should I be trying to do before then?

    Thanks, Alix


    Well without the vista Cd you're going to have problems if you require a reinstall as I take it that there is no recovery sector on the hard'll have to activate the software so you may as well do it now...I just hope it's a kosher copy but I would contact the seller and ask about a vista installation disc.

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    How do I find out if there is a recovery section, there are 2 HD's in there totalling 910gb - 1 of which has a partition in it :s

    I will try activating it and see what 4 years on XP I never had to reinstall..fingers crossed! I hope to its a kosher copy. Thanks


    How do I find out if there is a recovery section, there are 2 HD's in … How do I find out if there is a recovery section, there are 2 HD's in there totalling 910gb - 1 of which has a partition in it :sI will try activating it and see what 4 years on XP I never had to reinstall..fingers crossed! I hope to its a kosher copy. Thanks

    well I've had to reinstall vista 3 times..mainly due to compatibilty probs with my older software.

    If it were me I'd check with the seller as he/she can advise if there is a recovery partition're very fortunate to have gone 4 years without a reinstall...I tend to do one when the PC starts running slow and software like C Cleaner are failing to improve things....much depends on your PC use.

    Same here. Nothing better than a fresh format to speed up PC, its just annoying to spend a few hours reinstalling software after.

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    Hi again, I have been given a product key to enter. It still wont activate vista although I have a feeling this may be becuase I am not connected to the internet. Can anyone confirm this?

    Thanks, Alix

    Yes you need to be connected for the checks to be made on the cd key you are typing in, although it sounds like an illegal install of Vista to be honest.

    If you do not have a valid and legal product key, Vista will not activate. If the OEM sticker on the tower is XP and you have not got an OEM sticker for Vista, then I would suggest that you go back to installing XP on the machine using the XP OEM sticker.

    At least that way you will be legal and will be able to download updates etc.

    There are ways around Vista activation (that do work for updates etc) but these are only temporary, and too much trouble than they are worth if you are a novice PC user, not to mention illegal.

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    Using common sense I would agree it is not a genuine copy of Vista. Seller assures me the key will work so I guess I will have to check tomorrow when I pick up a wireless adapter. I have seen the same key knocking around that is generated by activator FF2, so Im not sure if it will work or not.

    I have also been offered the XP discs if I need them - which is probably the way I will prefer to go as a legal OS makes things alot easier these days.

    Vista is quite impressive so I would like to keep it. I was going to try to call Microsoft and do it but not sure about the 50digit ID they are after...I have the Product ID and the Product key so thats confusing.

    Thanks for your help guys

    You can activate either online or by phone (freephone Ireland). To activate online you need an Internet connection. Activating by phone requires interacting with an automated phone system. You must also be unhooked from your modem.

    To activate Windows, do the following:

    Open Windows Activation by clicking the Start button clicking Computer, clicking Properties, and then clicking Click here to activate Windows now.* If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    You can then select the method you want to use to activate.

    Note If you chose to automatically activate Windows online when you set up your computer, automatic activation begins trying to activate your copy of Windows three days after you log on for the first time.

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    Cheers for continuing the help with this guys, I got it resgistered fine by phone so all is sorted now.

    The spec was:
    Core2duo E6300 processor
    3gb DD2 RAM
    750GB SATA HD
    160GB SATA HD
    Lightscribe 20x DVD RW
    Vista Ultimate
    Nero7 + other software
    19" Dell LCD monitor
    Keyboard and Wireless mouse both Microsoft

    Plus all the standard stuff. Not a bad deal I think for £350 - its basically like brand new. Silent as a mouse. Im thinking of selling the 750gb HD to get back a bit of cash as I have just spent some dough buying Netgear rangemax router and adapter.

    that is a good deal. vista + office would cost almost £350! did microsoft confirm that it's a genuine version of vista / office?

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    The Vista is kosher yep - the guy I bought it from was an IT Manager somewhere so I assume it was something to do with his work - i.e. released machine or whatever...I wasnt asking too many questions The office I have no codes so... :whistling:

    If you have no certificate of authenticity for vista then its not kosher. You need the physical COA for it to be legal.

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    Fair point - I have the COA and discs for XP now so if anything goes wrong with Vista I have a way out.
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