Vista and Vista anytime, im confused

    Saw copies of Vista Anytime cheap sealed and the place says it can be used with a cd key to install Vista, doing a wiki search it says it has all 5 versions of Vista on it.

    But im still just a bit confused as it says its used for upgrades.

    Does this mean you need a seperate Vista disc?


    Where did you find them?

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    Where did you find them?


    There are four specific Vista Anytime upgrades for each of the four possible upgrades:

    Home Premium to Ultimate
    Business to Ultimate
    Home Basic to Home Premium
    Home Basic to Ultimate

    I'd guess it's the same as the main Vista discs in that the disc does have all the versions on it however it will only install the correct version for the license key. A standard Anytime package should include a product key, DVD media and upgrade instructions.

    edit - I think I see the auctions you are looking at, they seem to be disc only which means you need a separate licence to actually use it.



    Does this mean you need a seperate Vista disc?

    Yes and a COA, the disks are worth a few quid only!Avoid them

    All Vista disc's (expect upgrades) have all vista programs on the disc.. basic, Ultimate, home, bussiness etc..
    Its the CD Key that you are given that determins what copy you install.

    (btw if you click cancel when it prompts for a cd-key, a list of all these OS's will appear.
    Just select one and click install.. Obviously you need to have the CD-Key for that install)


    Windows Anytime Upgrade Pack includes DVD media, your product key, and upgrade instructions.
    Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) is an upgrade method offered by Microsoft and selected licensed resellers for users who wish to upgrade their edition of Windows Vista by buying a license online. This helps reduce the number of installation disks in circulation; all five editions of Vista are included on one 2.5 GB Windows Anytime Upgrade DVD.[1]

    Microsoft's current marketing material states that all installation media will contain all the functionality of the highest SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and that higher level functions will be disabled through winlogon.exe and pidgen.dll. This is what is also used in differentiating between Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. In practical terms, this means that the license purchased online effectively determines which version of Vista WAU customers can upgrade from and to.

    The benefit of WAU is that if one were to decide that they wanted Media Center, Aero, or Windows Fax and Scan out of a computer that currently runs Vista Home Basic, they could complete the upgrade without needing to acquire a different installation disk and without requiring a reinstall of Windows Vista. A possible drawback is that such a technology is potentially highly exploitable, making it possible for users to switch to a higher SKU through a possible security hole without purchasing an upgrade.
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