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I bought a new PC a few months ago with Vista on it, and had problems since i got it.
Just wondered if anyone knew what was wrong when the explorer bar stops responding very day. I have to go on task manager and restart it. Sometimes about 2 or 3 times a day.
Does anyone know what the problem is? Help would be much appreciated


It's quite a common problem. It's called Vista. My solutions: XP, Mac or Ubuntu...

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Ha, was thinking that myself

Have you got all the latest windows updates installed? Are you spyware/virus free?

Also, does this only happen on your profile or others as well presuming there is more than one profile on this machine

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There is only one profile on the comp, and yeah have all my updats installed

I think its a common fault.. I have it on Vista Ultimate, I open certain applications and its game over!

XP is the way forward.. or backward. lol

Vista Service Pack 1 will address this issue.................................................

.......................... according to Microsoft customer services!

I'll wait and see.

got a copy of vista on my htpc and have to say it never falls over, slow as a slug but seems stable, try updating all the drivers
mainboard,network card,video and sound.
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