Vista installation problem

I am trying to install vista onto my new hard drive on a computer that was running vista fine on another hard drive .
I have read up on the internet after the initaill install the computer is meant to restart twice, after the first time it lets me select my system then just seems to go to a black screen and monitor goes into standby. I have tried everything to get it to install I cant seem to get anything to work .

Has anybody else had similar problems or know what I can do to fix it.

Any help will be appriciated


I have had similar probs. When it reboots just give it 10 minutes and it should load up.. Just be patient m8

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i left it at this point for 2 hours still nothing


See if you can get safe mode to load up and then try rebooting and see what happens

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it then says cant complete installation in safe mode

Get a Symantec Ghost, ghost the original hard drive onto the new drive .

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thanks for your help people not sure what else I can do may take it down my local computer shop

do a fresh installation and delete any disk partitions and format the disk when vista gives you the option

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I took the pc to a pc shop in the end it was a memory problem. thanks everybody once again for the help
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