Newish laptop. With my old one there were 3 users, I was the admin. If the computer was off or idle for a while, I had to enter my password to get it to start again.

    On this new laptop, again we have 3 accounts with passwords and I am the admin. But for some reason I am not prompted for my password on startup or after idle which means the others can access my account. Have been through several webpages but all only talk about setting up accounts / passwords which I have done.

    I work form home and need to keep large amount of stuff confidential, worried that it is accessible.


    not sure if this is right but click on start, and type netplwiz then tick "users must enter a password..." give that a try!

    also right click on desktop > personalize > screen saver > then tick the "show login screen" then press ok

    if you go into control panel, user accounts, check the Admin password hasn't been turned off

    does it show the login screen but logs on without the password, or does it skip the login screen and automatically take you to your desktop/

    All you need to do is go to Start, Control panel, select User accounts, click change the way users logon and log off, untick use the welcome screen this will also untick use fast user switching then click apply settings and log off. you should then be presented with the username and password screen hope this helps thanks :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Well thanks once again guys

    I sort of used a combination fo all replies......meaning don't know how I did it but it worked and all now secure if I have to leave the computer. RE-typing password is a small price to pay for peace of mind with a house full fo teens
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