Found 5th Sep 2009
My cousin has tried to log on to her computer but it wouldn't let her log on but now it is asking her to insert a Vista password reset disc or USB stick. Now, i need to either find the file on the internet or create one on my laptop, but will the password reset disc on my laptop work on hers as it asks for my password when creating one on mine?

Anyone know a way to fix this problem

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Have a look at this tool and follow the walkthrough:…wd/


or ophcrack

create a bootable disc from tghe downloaded iso and it will crack the password

google ophcrack


Cracking would take too long especially since Vista doesn't store insecure hashes by default like XP would.

Removing the password is far quicker. ^^

Ive got xp
I opened the comp up.
Took out the small round battery put it back then no password found.
If dell there is a way in your manual.

Not sure if taking the battery out is the best way could screw your comp so dont do unles
last point of no return.

bigwheels thats to reset you BIOS/POST password not your OS password. Different thing to what OP is asking... but great tip for someone if the PC was passworded at boot ;-)
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