Vista Print SCAM WATCH OUT

    just wanted to warn anybody who's thinking of buying business cards from vista print ( , when you register you card details you automatically be subscribed to VP Rewards who charge you £9.95 a month.
    I had to phone them up and cancel my so called subscription that i signed up to and got a refund.
    if you have already ordered phone them up and cancel the VP Rewards or Clubpremier rewards subscription.
    call on: 0845 672 2002


    Its not automatic, you just have to make sure you untick the box.

    this has been posted before - there are 2 'clubs' that you can be signed up for but they refunded both when I queried mine

    i've bought from vistaprint a few times and not had any extra payments taken or anything


    People do not read when they enter in card details, their own fault in my eyes..

    I agree if you read all the info on the screen before you click OK then you won't get charged, i didn't.

    i have sed vista print many times and had no problem. I never signed up for it, this is the details that come at the end of the order process / checkout


    Its not automatic, you just have to make sure you untick the box.



    thanks for the heads up mate was just about to order aswell
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