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Found 1st Jan 2009
I have bought my girlfriend a netbook for Xmas (Samsung NC10) and I have been trying to make it look like Vista for her as she likes the graphics. I have already installed the vista games etc which are working perfect.

Every Vista theme I have tried comes bundled with either viruses or malware.....

Does any have any experience of these themes and can reccomend one?
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ive not seen tht one, is it any good?


Are these any good? or ones searched for? I could really use someone with hands on experience....

Thanks for the links, will check them out....have some rep
im using the vista inspirat atm, its great

im using the vista inspirat atm, its great

Cool, thanks, am installing it as we speak
thanks for this..i can highly recommend rocketdock too...great free program!
I have used Vista Inspirat in the past, and although it looks nice, sometimes programs don't work well with it. If uninstalling happens to go wrong, it screws up your windows installation bigtime - I ended up reformatting my computer.

My 'nice solution' at the moment, though more of a glorified XP than Vista, is to use Microsoft's own 'Royale' theme, that is designed for tablet PC's. Installation is ever so slightly involved (on a non-tablet you have to copy a couple of files into the themes directory) but it does look really nice, and 100% compatible.…tml…tml
1st link: instructions, 2nd link: download

Energy Blue and Royale refer to the same theme.

although this looks good, it does have some issues with itunes as i found out yesterday. does look good, but if you use itunes with a 2nd gen shuffle i'd avoid as it won't let you sync properly, see solution 2 on this page, known issue…539
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