Viva Pinata

    I see a load of people have got this game for the 360. What's it like as I was thinking about getting it for my girlfriend to play on?


    YES DO! i did the same and my GF loved, but then i did too so muh fun and well worth 2.99 in comet

    It's fantastic for all ages and a game that i am as good as my hubby at! The party animals game is great too when i play online it's hardly ever with a child it's all grown men!

    some people on Ebay are selling bulk lots of the chocolate coins or any pinata sent to your game via pinata post I was thinking of doing this here but not for proffit for charity and some people may want the more expensive or harder to get animals straight away what do you guys think?

    I Hated It!

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    Is it worth getting the first or second one?

    both viva pinata and viva pinata party animals are great but totally different i would go to the 360 site and check out the reviews

    errm its ok.
    Not my sort of thing, but i got it free so it's ok for killing some time.

    Your gf should love it though

    Get the 1st dont bother with the 2nd unless you have kids!
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