Vive Professor Peppy Zero Sugar 2L @ Aldi - 42p

Posted 21st May 2021
Forgive me if posted already or maybe old news. Just been to my Local Aldi in Dagenham and found this on the shelf. Aldi’s version of Dr Pepper I guess. Just had a glass and IMO actually quite nice. Tastes more like cherry coke/dr pepper mix lol. Much nicer than their cherry coke which I found very perfumed in taste.

Hope this helps someone :-)

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    I promise I put 42p
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    Thanks OP, but looks a bit pricey to me at £42
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    Professor Peppy!
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    I found it decent il def buy again I did not enjoy the cherry coke to artificial for my taste. Im also a fan of the Vive ZX cola to which I buy lots and the Mixed berry which taste similar to Vimto
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    Has this being discontinued? Being buying it for months but now can't find it in any stores?
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    absolutely banging, greatest tasing drink i've had in quite a long-time mush, especially for the price of 42p