Vivitar f126 digital camera, any good?

Found 10th May 2015
I am looking for a cheap, everyday camera for my children to take on school trips. Found this one in Argos for £20.00 but it has really mixed reviews. Have any of you got this camera, obviously I don't expect miracles for this price but want them to be able to take pics. Thanks.
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TBH I would not bother with the low end Argos / supermarket cameras

place a wanted thread in FS/FT and get a branded 2/3 year old camera second hand and it will take much better photos, and you will pay similar money

No knowledge of this particular camera but on the basis of previous experince with Vivitar products in general, the words "wouldn't touch"and "bargepole" would appear in any sentence describing my enthusiasm.
Vivitar used to make quality lenses for slr's but since the name was sold on they produce poor quality cheap crap IMHO go for a named s/hand as suggested
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Vivitar are not good at all go with the advice above and get a camera from a well known good camera maker that's a few years old like a Fuji,canon or Sony type. Or you could even ask friends if they have one, or look on Amazon for an old Sony Cybershot phone they had good little cameras in them ideal for this use.
We got the mother in law a Vivitar camera a few Christmases ago. It was used once and then she went back to an older camera. Terrible picture quality, awful lag, cheap build. Not worth the money at all.
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