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this isn't a deal or question about a deal but we seem to have some very knowledgeable PC people here. I have a laptop with win 7 os and I use VM player to launch a Linux programme to connect voip phones to. this worked fine until yesterday when I couldn't access or ping the Linux programme from my laptop but the VoIP phones worked correctly , and I could connect a second laptop to the switch and access the programme. I must have disabled something or changed something which prevents me from getting to the VM player. any ideas what?

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VoIP phones tend to use their own vlan so did you affect the data vlan to the voip server program?

Also check the current network config within VM player.

What subnet is the voip system running on? Can you do a tracert (Windows) from the laptop to the voip server IP? Can you ping your laptop from within the Linux server (traceroute).

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