Vodafone £10 per month 600mins unltd text

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Found 18th Feb 2010
I have put this in Misc as Im not really sure it constitutes a deal.

My mobile is on Vodafone pay as you talk (been on it for less than a week). Yesterday I phoned up to get a PAC code to transfer my number to a diff network and they offered me the option to go onto contract at £10 per month 600 mins and unlimited text. The woman seemed like she was up for a haggle but I actually did want to leave so didnt bother seeing what else I could get.

Note this was my third attempt at getting a PAC number the first 2 opperators hung up on me rather than give me a PAC, so this offer may not be offered by all opperators.

I thought it was a good deal for anyone who did not like cashback or quidco. Hope it has not been posted elsewhere.

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wow thats a good deal, I pay £20 for this on T-mobile

How many months are you in for?


Thats a great deal!

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No idea how long the length is, im sure you could haggle them. I have previously done a contract with them and to try and keep me they offered me 100 mins and 100 texts free a month on a 6 months contract (would have been useless as i use about 500 of each) but I let contract expire then got my number reinstated onto PAYT so that I could PAC code it onto a diff network. I have no vodafone reception in my new house so staying with them was sadly not an option.

This could be a 24 month contract so unless you willing to stick with them that long get back on the phone to double check, seems too good to be true for a 30 day contract

Voda CS are known to be sneaky when offering good deals.

It's a retention deal, so based on your spend over the last X months (usually 6). As everyone's spend is going to be different everyone's going to get slightly different offers. . .

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My contract finished, I accidently lost my number and calls for a day I then reapplied to have my number put on PAYT. I had to reregister everything.
When I phoned up to get the PAC the woman on the phone said they had a special offer for anyone one PAYT looking to move onto contract.
Im am pretty sure this was not a retention deal, but i am often wrong. If anyone else is on PAYT why not give them a ring and ask for a PAC see if they offer you this deal!

they offered me the same deal.. its on a 12month contract
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