Vodafone, 12 months 50GB Mobile Broadband, was £30 retention was £18, but this year £25, any thing I can do

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I spoke via the phone and the sales team and cancellations/"loyalty" refused to take anymore than 15% off so the best they could do was £25.

strange how (1) the deal has ended but they didnt keep the price and (2) how the new loyalty price is £7 more than last year.

Is there anything I can do or is that it?

about 27 days left before disconnection.
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No such thig as loyalty. I juat cancelled virgin bb and phone as I was paying £26 a month and now they can offer for the bargain price of £31 a month. Joined through the uswitch offer a couple of days ago for the same thing costs £18.20 a month.
The deal (Discount) only lasts as long as the Contract then it reverts back to what ever you would have paid for the Plan without the Discount / Deal, fairly standard stuff, so the 15% Airtime Discountfor existing Customers is fairly standard (Normally Sim Only), so either stick with it or find another deal.

If youve been with Vodafone for years, then you should be able to strike a deal on a new Contract, but its all a bit it hit and miss as to who you speak to and whats on Offer at the time or what there currently promoting or trying to shift that month.

You best bet, is to request your PAC Code now and see if Retention give you a call back, your normally get a better deal from Retention than you will by just calling the Upgrades Dept. But meanwhile do your Homework on other Network Deals currently available, so if and when Retention call you have a bargaining point to start with.

Sometimes, just sometimes, your actually better off opting for a 30 Day Contract Deal Sim and pay a couple of quid more, as that deal normally doesn't expire but will just increase every year with the Standard RPI they apply each year.
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thats for home broadband, i am using mobile broadband
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