I got a netbook from vodafone buisness with built in internet for about £30 a month but this month they want to charge me £12 for downloading a few songs from sky (about 6). Is this right? Seems like daylight robbery to me. I ordered the laptop on the internet and received an email saying Id get it but didnt receive the actual netbook for 3wks (i had to ring up & ask them where it was). Then all Ive received is a bill saying how much i owe but nothing about what i get for my £30 a month, or a contract etc not even a letter with my direct debit details. Is this right?

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    you will probably find that you have got around 100mb download capacity on the contract.

    Did you read the small print on what you were signing up for (as in, what your internet allowance was as part of your £30 per month)?
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