Vodafone 900 deal ( £17.50 ) - 900 x-net/ unltd landline/ unltd internet / unltd texts

Signed up on 31/09/09 - OK its a 24 month deal but got £50 credit on account as well

No redemptions just the discount and free Nokia E71

Seems like a cracker to me

Offline only


How would I get this HOT deal?

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Just ask for half price discount - I did and surprisingly got it

So I go to the shop and ask for a half price discount?

By offl line do you mean by phone or at a Vodafone store

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Ring direct and let them know that others have had it

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Mine arrived this morning and am delighted

Did u call 08080 044 423

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Called 08080 408 408

I hav just called them and the sales agent flatly refused - did they give you a discount because you are an existing vodafone customer

PS I do believe what you are saying, just need to call voda with the right words

Hi before I call them are you an existing customer, my 2 year contract is about to expire with them and am looking for a good deal again with vodafone. Thanks

are you getting this price for the full term or are they stinging you for full price in the final 3 months?

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I am a customer BUT at first I let on that I was not ( thought that I would get a better deal).

They would give me the 50% reduction then but when I asked about the credit they said that you had to be a customer ( my wife is but I pay the bill) She then ok'd that too

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the £50 credit, although given, initially covers the final 3 months

Hot deal then, any other phones available?

Have just signed up. The £50 is a recommendation and goes to the Vodafone customer that recommended the deal to you. Also, its £17.50a month for the first 21 months and then £35 for the last 3 months. Very good deal!

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Thanks for that - it clearly is a deal MODS

Just spoken to vodafone asking for this deal but not aware of it, did offer other deals though.

Has anyone managed to get this deal in September? Every time i phone all I get offered is 3 months 1/2 price, not full contract 1/2 price

Please check your messages on this web site (you will need to be logged in) and post a reply re what happens when you call Vodafone

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You need to be prepared to ASK for the deal - if unsuccessful try again, don't be fobbed off.

Other phones available

Finally got there with 21mths 1/2 price at £17.50 + 3 mths at £35 on the 900min & txt etc, including internet. Got the samsung jet. No mention of the £50 and was told it would be a one off as they had made an error when offering the deal. Upgrades will not do anything close to what new customers get.

Will be checking contract details closely on arrival.

Thanks to posters, and additional PM's recieved.:thumbsup:

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No probs:-D

Thanks OP for this post. I decided to call at 9 am this morning. I was first told that there was no such offer but i quoted the jet deal which was previously posted. They said that the deal was currently £35per month for 900 minutes. I again said that my friend got the deal yesterday. I was put on hold and then offered the same deal -
900 minutes, unlimited landline calls, free internet.
The lady "jessica" was very helpful and I had a choice of Toco, nokia n85, c905, nokia 5800, w715 or samsung jet.

I went for the samsung jet. I know its a 24 month contract but thats only 472.50 for 2 years and 900 mins is a fair bit for me!! that was £17.50 per month for 21mths and last 3mths 35 quid

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