Vodafone and Credit Files

Posted 19th Oct 2020
I've been using cashback sites for 3 years now to get new mobile contracts with Vodafone. Every 12 months I get a new contract as I don't think Vodafone will ever match a cashback offer, at least I couldn't.
So far, I bought 3 contracts for me and 2 for my partner on my name (I'm dealing with claims, haggling).
According to my credit report, I have 5 open contracts with Vodafone. In reality, only 2 of them are still live. Since BF is the time of year I'm getting new contracts, now I'm rather reluctant to go with Vodafone again as I don't want another 2 contracts on my credit file.
I contacted yesterday Vodafone, spent about 1h with them checking my old 3 contracts, the agent confirmed they are closed, but didn't know what do to about the credit file.
Anyone had this issue and solved it?
Thank you.
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