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Posted 5th Dec 2019
just had an email from Vodafone saying my broadband is going up £2.50 from £24.
says I can cancel, Even tho my contract isn't finished. must say I am pretty happy with them, no probs at all.
they still seem to be one of the cheapest fibre deals, any other good deals out there?
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Phone to cancel they will offer you a deal.. maybe discounted for a few month..
They offered me a 10% discount = £21.60 and there new Vox 3.0 router which is actually pretty good, Unlike there previous one which was pants.
when i left a few months ago customer service didnt want to know and basically said bye
Don't forget you can get some nice potential tcb bonus if you do leave with a new supplier
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You have a right to cancel without penalty if they are increasing the price. When you exercise this right they will probably offer you a cheaper plan
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