Posted 1st Dec 2022 (Posted 3 h, 43 m ago)
Please can someone advise me? I’ve upgraded with vodafone broadband as they have full fibre in my area 500 ff for £30 a month? Is that a good deal? I can’t find any other offers for existing customers . I think it included calls on my landline too. And it was through the phone this deal
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    Vodafone broadband deals posted on here just about every day
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    Not for existing customer that I’ve seen. Maybe I’ve missed it

    Not mobile phone deals (edited)
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    I've done the same upgrade, installation in a couple of weeks. I get it for £27 as i've got a SIMO as well
    Do you know if the calls are included? Forgot to ask . Was in the phone for over an hour

    Also does the sim need to be in my name or can it be in anyone’s at the house (edited)
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    I’m an existing customer and on the fibre 2 for the last two years and was £22 a month.
    It went up by 3.9% as always in April and was paying £24. They offered me a Black Friday deal for fibre 2 again which I get 60-68 mg with no drops and constant speed, which is enough for me and now it got reduced to £21 a month for two years. I’m in Lancashire area
    This is broadband
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