vodafone broadband prices set to increase August 2017

I had an email mine will increase from £28.00 to £32.00 on 10th August 2017.

Maybe time to see what else is available
Thanks for the heads up - no email yet.
Are they allowed to do this while you're still in contract? I only signed up about 4 months ago, surely they'll have to honour the price at the time the contract commenced until the minimum contract period expires?
Nope they can up the contract to what they want but you can leave at no cost within 30days of notification.
So if I have a 24 month contract which started this week and came with an Apple Iphone 7 I could cancel that and keep the iphone?
I've already had an increase 55p said because of the government over roaming, never been abroad in me life, yeah I'll pay for that!!
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