Vodafone business contract

    Anyone know if it's possible for non-business people to get a Vodafone business contract? They have the same contracts as the 'personal' section of the site for less money. I've been as far into the checkout process as I can and there seems to be no indication that being a business owner is a requirement,... haven't read the T&Cs yet though so will do that

    Anyone got any knowledge on this?


    Not that it may help you much with vodaphone but i was put on o2 business about 8yrs ago by o2 never asked to be put onto it but i get better deals so im ok with it and im not a business so maybe its the same with vodaphone.

    No issues with being put on a business tariff without being a business. These tariffs are generally set for high volume call users hence the 'business' tags. Just means any 'consumer' get out clauses and protection rules ie DSR are not valid other than that you shouldn't have any problems need proof of business etc

    Also double check the VAT situation

    and the internet bundles....

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Thought I was onto a winner but didn't notice the business prices are the same as the 'personal' ones, but appear cheaper as VAT isn't added by default! Including VAT brings it up to the same price as normal

    The normal price is pretty good anyway. 300 mins, lots of texts and internet (for Blackberry) for £15 per month and £90 quidco!
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    and the internet bundles....

    0.5mb data included with o2 business tariffs
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