Vodafone charges for 30 days notice

Posted 16th May
Vodafone charging me because i gave them 30day notice to my end of contract on 15th June. I thought it supposed to be free because its 30 days left from today but they says if i use pac code today there will be £13.46
charges and if i use 13th june will be around £0.40 charge.
I thought should be monthly charge only nothing extra.
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you have to pay until the end date of the contract, this is standard. So use the PAC code the day before your contract ends and you won't pay any extra or suck it up and use the PAC when you want.

They are confusing the issue by calling it a "Termination charge" but essentially this is your contract charges from today until your contract ends.
Customer is obligated to pay for the entire term of the agreed contract. Interesting how Voda phrases the (early) "termination charge" considering contract payments are usually collected in advance not retrospectively so effectively nothing will be "added" to final bill. In fact if OP chose to use PAC now there should be a discount applied to final month (not necessarily final bill) to reflect VAT refund for the early termination period.
Vodafone are a mug , had a similar issue
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