Vodafone charging twice the bill!!

Found 28th Dec 2010
My friend is in a contract with vodafone. She pays her bills up to date but last month was cut off as they said she hadn't paid. She sent them proof of the DD having been took out of her bank and they re-connected her saying she would only have to pay £26 this month. They've charged her £101 which was last month's bill included in it, and extra from this month which she hasn't incurred. She has free texts and hardly rings anyone.

Have they broken the contract in any way? She's sick of the way they're just taking money from her account when she hasn't used that amount, she has paper bills and by the time she receives them, they've already taken the money. She ends up wasting a lot of time phoning trying to put it right and it's stressing her out (she's got other problems to deal with atm so it's just adding to her stress.)

Anyone else have the same problem with Vodafone?
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Can she call into a vodafone shop tomorrow and explain the situation?
If she has a direct debit set up with them she is entitled to claim
back any money that was taken out without her permission. This is what I would do then argue with Vodafone later.
Yeah, just tell her to phone her bank and ask for them to do a DD refund, if Vodafone are being so unhelpful. They'll come chasing her up then.

They have the worst customer service known to man. O2's service was flawless...don't know why I chose to go to Voda this year.
Is this "friend" you......?
Thank you for your help, I'll tell her to ring her bank. She's been into the vodafone shop before to sort it out, but she's sick of going. She lives in Worcester and where she lives is a way away from the shop.

And CW9652, this "friend" is not me, I'm on O2!!
I used to get Vodafone taking extra money over and above my bill each month, I'd phone them up and ask for a refund, which they all agreed to but never actioned. In the end I cancelled the DD and just sent a cheque for the actual amount I owed each month, not including the extra they wanted for not paying by DD. They weren't able to fix my billing issues and so I didn't pay their billing mistakes. Oddly they were confused when I left them years ago.
Got a new IPhone in November 2015, with my work discount I was expecting bills of around £47 each month. The first bill was for £106, the second in January was £111!. They claim the reason it is double is that there was a second line. This they subsequently admitted was not the case, yet I have spent any number of weeks trying to get a credit refund from them. Every two or three days I get on the phone to them , they admit I'm due around £118 , tell me it takes 3-4 working days, this comes and goes, and nothing! They keep me on hold for ages, flannel me, make the same assurances, but no money comes through. This lot are without doubt the worst I have had to deal with, and I'm seriously thinking of cancelling the direct debit to get their attention.
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